Who Am I?

I am a 3993 year old snake with the mind of a 476 year old tree substantiated in the body of a 28 year old woman who dresses like a 15 year old boy. This incarnation is a fluxating maelstrom of complex protein sequences, animated by exocentric energy frequency vibrations. Embodiment is delicious and immanence is all.

The rich, red carpet of ancestral blood has been rolled out before me. I sometimes saunter and I sometimes strut, hips always swinging and heart ever swaying. I’m building a spiralling ladder back to the stars and climbing on every helix’ rung. Eternity beckons, again.

When my Mum was born, I was also born within her tiny body – as fertile soil with the potential for a future form. As she grew up, she carried my nascent dreams inside her always.

The years passed and I gained knowledge of the world through her experiences of joy and of pain. I was eventually ready to explore the next dimension for myself, so I called forth my Dad whom I had judged to be a worthy contributor of my missing elements. I manipulated Mum’s desire, Dad sowed his seed and their combined efforts sparked me to consciousness.

I then began my germination in the deep, dark grotto where my older brothers had grown and grafittied on the walls before me. I took root in placental mud, connected to Mum by a cord made from her verdant flesh that fed my needy cells. She filtered the nourishment of the universe into my belly and I grew fat and beautiful. Many moons later, the oven timer went off and I sprang forth, fully formed and ready for battle.

I dreamed myself into existence. I am my own dream come true.

And when I leave, I want to take my footsteps with me.

It rubs the lotion on its skin

The underlying reason that I started this website is because I’m no less narcissistic than the average Joe Blog. In my reckoning, I live an interesting life and this is a convenient platform from which to preach my fantastic stories. These are the things I do for love and/or money:

Lone wolf activities: I am a writer, a music journalist, an artist, a long-distance runner, a hiking metal punk, a psychedelic warlord and a ghetto witch.

Pack animal interests: I am an avid gig-goer and a social cockroach, and I am addicted to headbanging, thrashing and dancing. I am also a proud friend, daughter, sister, aunty and niece.

Social duty missions: I am an Indigenous HistoryIndigenous Education and Indigenous Rights teacher, a historian (using Indigenous, Feminist and Heuristic methodologies and research methods), as well as a human and other animal rights and social justice activist.

(all writing, artwork and photography is my own, unless stated otherwise)

This is not about religion. This is more important than that.



2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. I really like your page. The part about how you dreamed yourself into existence is really touching and I felt myself drift off into my imagination as I read it. Too bad the video is not available in my country 🙁

    • Thank you Alex.

      (it’s a video of a song by DRI called ‘Who Am I’ if you want to check it out)

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