Dystopian Somniantes

Gaping Maw

Over there, a different way to change the path we tread
A system of the fake and numb: deus ex machina reviviscente

Enter now this smoky sphere – a twisted, broken maze
Forget the one you were before. Forget the younger days

The yellow sun is dirtied by the smoky lens of dawn
The amber mist at break of day turns grey when work is born

Horizon is irregular and light dies fast on land
Shorter days are measured with an artificial hand

Blocks of concrete all around – impervious (it seems) –
Divided into tiny cells hold even smaller dreams

The free, the young, the careless lives grow older day by day
Beneath their immortality is an an aura of decay

Empty vessels orbiting a false and fetid sun
Seeking; drawn to one same core, the armies merge as one

Light and noise and burning fuel raise a cone of power
Such strange abuse of Nature’s gifts returns a noxious shower

Where the tree? the bird? the beast? Expelled by bed of steel
With cover over Earth’s soft skin She cannot breathe or feel

Mine the Water, herd the fish – a new god rules them all
No Moon or tides shall govern them; the glass shall block Her call

The Water churns our offerings inside Her briny womb;
Sucking in our dirty waste and spitting back the fumes

(Thunder in the Ocean, rolling in the waves
Tumble round the foaming whorl in underwater graves)

Reused, return from drowning pool, break down with other lives
They live too long and then too poor by thieving, greedy knives

When dirty dreams and veiled intent present as what they’re not,
This squalid square of measured points boils in its own rot

(To live and breathe such false surrounds will surely kill your light.
Your soul will fester in the place where all life enters night.)

Barely living, blank of mind, crave the ways before
Remembering a different time when life meant so much more

Defender Of The Faith – 10.04.04

(When I was nineteen, I was viciously assaulted in my home town by a gutless prick and put into hospital with severe facial injuries. I escaped to the city the next week to spend time with family. I wrote this during my stay; it is a reflection of my internal state as well as my physical environment at that time. Eight years on, I now live in that city…and I often still feel this way.)